The R-Lipoic Acid Solution (Case of 12)

The R-Lipoic Acid Solution (Case of 12)


Introducing The R-Lipoic acid solution, TRALAS, K-RALA-10% solution: a stable, highly bio-available liquid form of R-Lipoic Acid.

Due to shelf stability, complete solubility, and the ability to quickly achieve high blood and tissue levels, THE R-Lipoic Acid Solution® provides potent benefits for preserving youthful cellular energy and for an assortment of health benefits associated with Lipoic Acid.


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*Product sold as a research chemical only.

Additional Information


The R-Lipoic Acid Solution® is a proprietary formulation utilizing the natural, “R” form of lipoic acid as Potassium-R-lipoate, (aka; R-lipoic Acid Potassium Salt; K-RALA)

The R-Lipoic Acid Solution® is:

Shelf Stable

Easy to take for those who prefer not to swallow capsules.

Can be incrementally dosed in specific amounts, according to individual tolerability.


R-lipoic acid 134 mg (as Potassium-R-Lipoate), Potassium 30 mg

Other Ingredients: USP water, USP vegetable glycerin, USP K2CO3 and KHCO3

Statements and Warnings

Never put undiluted drops of THE R-Lipoic Acid Solution® directly into the mouth. ** 

Taste and Smell: Lipoic acid is a medium chain fatty acid, containing two sulfur atoms. Thus, a sulfur smell is normal. If the sulfurous smell and taste are objectionable, dilute in non-acidic coconut water or fill a soft gelatin or veggie capsule and consume immediately. 

If THE R-Lipoic Acid Solution® is dissolved in water and left standing at room temperature or for several days in the refrigerator, the sulfurous taste and odor may increase, but it is still safe to consume. 


Dissolve into a full glass (7 fluid oz or ~200mL) of H2O.

Do not use fruit juice or other strongly acidic food or beverage. 

THE R-Lipoic Acid Solution® can be added to unflavored carbonated water or other slightly acidic beverages if consumed immediately. If the beverage is too acidic, the salt will be converted back to insoluble and polymeric RLA, which defeats the purpose of providing and consuming a stable oral solution.


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