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A pioneer in Lipoic Acid exploration, GeroNova is the only dietary supplement company currently sponsoring academic and clinical investigations with leading researchers and doctors worldwide. Our commitment to exploration has led to the development of the most stable, efficacious, and absorbable Lipoic Acid products available anywhere. 

Our in-house exploration and development team specializes in organic synthesis, pharmacology, and nutraceutical product development, ensuring the highest levels of purity and consistency in our range of products. We actively partner with renowned scientists and medical professionals to continually advance our knowledge and provide the highest quality Lipoic Acid products. GeroNova is your premier source for all things related to this important component.

GeroNova’s Bio-Enhanced® R-Lipoic Acid (Na RALA) is a stabilized form of RLA designed for maximum bioavailability. Manufactured through a proprietary process that makes it more stable and easier to absorb, Bio-Enhanced® Na RALA has a higher concentration of active RLA compared to other forms. As a result, this facilitates the creation of more effective products. Learn More about our mission by visiting our 

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Research Articles

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GeroNova’s dedication to sourcing exclusive and exceptional raw materials, coupled with our commitment to creating the most bio-available R-Lipoic Acid products, has made us a leading authority in the field of R-Lipoic Acid research, analysis, and product development. Our efforts have helped to improve the lives of those seeking to enhance their health and wellbeing. GeroNova has set the industry standard for quality and efficacy.

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