Lipoic Acid Proven Safe and Efficacious for 4 Years in Primary Prevention

A 2020 clinical trial has found that LA is both safe and effective to use over a four year period in primary prevention. The trial was led by Giuseppe Derosa and colleagues at the University of Pavia, Italy and published in the journal Drug Development and Delivery.

The trial monitored the effects of LA on healthy subjects over the course of four years. The study found that LA was safe and well tolerated by all participants, with no major side effects noted. In addition, LA was proven to be effective over with no significant differences found in the lipid profile, body weight, or glycaemic control of the participants.

The results of this trial suggest that LA is a safe and effective supplement to use in primary prevention. It is especially useful for those looking to lower their cholesterol, manage their weight, or improve their glycemic control. These findings are encouraging for the future use of LA in primary prevention, and further research into its long-term efficacy is warranted.

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