Bio-Enhanced® Na R-Lipoic Acid 100gm


Bio-Enhanced® Na R-Lipoic Acid 100 gm sample.

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Bio-Enhanced® Na-RALA, (87% minimum total R-lipoic acid) powder, is heat and shelf stable, low (<2.0 %) in insoluble polymer and offers an innovative solution for capsules, tablets and powdered drink mixes.
Contains approximately 9-10% sodium, traces of carbonate, moisture and soluble polymers of R-lipoic acid sodium salt.
Soluble in water: 1 g dissolves in 50 ml water at room temperature.
Significantly more bio-available than R-lipoic acid (RLA).

  • Melting point at 240° ~ 250° C (with decomposition beginning at (~210° C).
  • Free flowing, heat stable up to 85° C and ready for blending with excipients.
  • Off-white to yellowish powder, with minimum 87% active R-lipoic acid.

Bio-Enhanced® Na-RALA is:
• Completely water soluble
• Significantly more bio-available than R-lipoic acid (RLA)
• 1000 mg (1 gram) RLA reaches a maximum concentration (Cmax) = 1.1 μg/ml in human plasma
• 100 mg (0.1 gram) Bio-Enhanced® Na-RALA reaches Cmax = 2.3 μg/ml
• On a weight basis Bio-Enhanced® Na-RALA reaches a Cmax 21 times greater than RLA


Increased stability: Bio-Enhanced® Na-RALA requires no refrigeration and has a shelf life of at least 3 years without polymerization.
Typical, unstabilized R-Lipoic Acid is prone to quickly polymerize upon exposure to heat, light, or moisture.
Increased Solubility: cleanly soluble in water, whereas RLA is poorly soluble.
No Solvent Residues: due to the low melting point of the lipoic acid crystalline structure, there is a tendency for unstabilized RLA to hold on to high amounts of cyclohexane, ethyl acetate or toluene.
The additional processing necessary to make Bio-Enhanced® Na-RALA removes the residual solvents.

Please note before ordering:

This 100 g sample size was originally intended for the industry, to use as a test sample for larger quantities, and not generally for regular customers needing or expecting a finished product.

We now offer it to the public as well since we have had several requests for just the bulk powder in small quantities.  The powder in plastic tubs, without measuring spoons, desiccant, etc. This is not intended to be a substitute for our regular finished, encapsulated or liquid bottled products, which are heat-sealed.

There are variations in the powder densities from batch to batch and as a result, the powder fills the container at different levels. Please note that they all weigh the same.

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