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July 29, 2013 Science Blog By

Welcome to the Lipoic Acid Science Research Blog. This blog/forum is intended for students, scientists, medical practitioners and consumers. The focus will be a review of peer reviewed papers, patents, unpublished studies, discussions of hot topics and unsolved problems in lipoic acid research. The purpose is to advance research, establish a research network and to promote new studies. Anyone is welcome to participate but a fairly advanced understanding of chemistry, molecular biology and medicine is assumed.

GeroNova’s research’s lab is near the Northern Regional Library for the University of California system so we have access to most articles ahead of print as well as the old archives. We have started translating old foreign lipoic acid papers into English and will make these translations available. I have consistently found these old articles, lost on the dusty shelves usually contain at least one “gem” not seen elsewhere and have found them to be a treasure trove of LA information, providing new insights and ideas which will hopefully lead to new research and applications.

Some of the forthcoming articles I’ll be discussing have been translated from Japanese into English by Ph.D. candidate in medicinal chemistry, Ms. Shiyo Hayashi of James Cook University, Australia.

German articles have been translated into English by Ph.D. candidate in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Annette Maczurek of The University of Western Sydney, Australia.

Russian articles have been translated by Megan Coffey, M.A.

If you have any experience or interest in translating technical papers on lipoic acid from Romanian, Italian, French or Portuguese to English please contact us.

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