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Lipoic acid rejuvenates aged intestinal stem cells by preventing age-associated endosome reduction

The age-associated decline of adult stem cell function is closely related to the decline in tissue function and age-related diseases. However, the underlying mechanisms that ultimately lead to the observed functional decline of stem cells still remain largely unexplored. This study investigated Drosophila midguts and found a continuous downregulation of lipoic acid synthase, which encodes […]

March 31, 2021 Science Blog By GeroNova Research

Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Alpha-Lipoic Acid: Beneficial or Harmful in Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alpha-Lipoic Acid presents a neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory molecule profile with the ability to revert cellular damage in the central nervous system; thus, it is considered an epigenetic modulator in mechanisms associated with oxidative stress and inflammation. Therefore, α-LA protects against the progression or even the establishment of the toxic tissue environment resulting from the pathogenesis […]

August 20, 2020 Consumer Blog By GeroNova Research

Lipoic acid a multi-level molecular inhibitor of tumorigenesis

Abstract We discuss how lipoic acid (LA), a natural antioxidant, induces apoptosis and inhibits proliferation, EMT, metastasis and stemness of cancer cells. Furthermore, owing to its ability to reduce chemotherapy-induced side effects and chemoresistance, LA appears to be a promising compound for cancer treatment. Read the full article:

August 20, 2020 Consumer Blog By GeroNova Research

Lipoic Acid for Therapeutic Purposes

Abstract α-lipoic acid (ALA, thioctic acid) is an organosulfur component produced from plants, animals, and humans. It has various properties, among them great antioxidant potential and is widely used as a racemic drug for diabetic polyneuropathy-associated pain and paresthesia. Naturally, ALA is located in mitochondria, where it is used as a cofactor for pyruvate dehydrogenase […]

August 3, 2020 Consumer Blog By GeroNova Research

Effect of R-lipoic Acid in Glaucoma Patients

Abstract Objective: To analyse the safety and effectiveness of the oral administration of a commercialised supplement containing R-alpha lipoic acid, taurine, vitamins C and E, lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc, copper and docosahexaenoic acid, in patients with primary open angle glaucoma (POAG), and in control subjects. Material and methods: A prospective study of cases and controls was […]

June 8, 2020 Science Blog By GeroNova Research

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