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Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Alpha-Lipoic Acid: Beneficial or Harmful in Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alpha-Lipoic Acid presents a neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory molecule profile with the ability to revert cellular damage in the central nervous system; thus, it is considered an epigenetic modulator in mechanisms associated with oxidative stress and inflammation. Therefore, α-LA protects against the progression or even the establishment of the toxic tissue environment resulting from the pathogenesis […]

August 20, 2020 Consumer Blog By GeroNova Research

Lipoic acid a multi-level molecular inhibitor of tumorigenesis

Abstract We discuss how lipoic acid (LA), a natural antioxidant, induces apoptosis and inhibits proliferation, EMT, metastasis and stemness of cancer cells. Furthermore, owing to its ability to reduce chemotherapy-induced side effects and chemoresistance, LA appears to be a promising compound for cancer treatment. Read the full article:

August 20, 2020 Consumer Blog By GeroNova Research

Lipoic Acid for Therapeutic Purposes

Abstract α-lipoic acid (ALA, thioctic acid) is an organosulfur component produced from plants, animals, and humans. It has various properties, among them great antioxidant potential and is widely used as a racemic drug for diabetic polyneuropathy-associated pain and paresthesia. Naturally, ALA is located in mitochondria, where it is used as a cofactor for pyruvate dehydrogenase […]

August 3, 2020 Consumer Blog By GeroNova Research

Effect of R-lipoic Acid in Glaucoma Patients

Abstract Objective: To analyse the safety and effectiveness of the oral administration of a commercialised supplement containing R-alpha lipoic acid, taurine, vitamins C and E, lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc, copper and docosahexaenoic acid, in patients with primary open angle glaucoma (POAG), and in control subjects. Material and methods: A prospective study of cases and controls was […]

June 8, 2020 Science Blog By GeroNova Research

Effects of Alpha Lipoic Acid in Obese Children and Adolescents

Abstract Objectives: Obesity is significantly associated with inflammatory process and oxidative stress. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a potent antioxidant that has been reported for reducing weight in animals and obese adults in several studies but no data are available in pediatrics. We investigated the possible beneficial role of ALA in obese children. Patients and […]

June 3, 2020 Consumer Blog By GeroNova Research

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