R-Lipoic Acid Comparison

‘Raw’ Unstabilized
R-Lipoic Acid

GeroNova’s Bio-Enhanced® R-Lipoic Acid


Even high-quality, unstabilized R-lipoic acid should be treated as a “precursor” and is unfit for consumption without further processing. Due to the price differential between high quality R-Lipoic Acid and racemic ALA, R-Lipoic Acid is frequently adulterated with or substituted with racemic ALA. Most companies do not have the analytical capability or the experience to identify or evaluate the quality of the material they are using in their finished products. GeroNova products are assayed using both polarimetry and enantioselective HPLC to insure > 99.5% R-lipoic acid (the natural form). GeroNova has made their testing methodologies freely available to other companies, and the general public.


Due to the low melting point of pure RLA; the material is waxy, with a tendency for it to trap high amounts of residual toxic and potentially carcinogenic solvents; such as dichloromethane, 1,2 ethylene dichloride, MTBE, acetonitrile, cyclohexane, toluene, methanol and ethyl acetate. GeroNova analyzes solvent residues by GC/FID, using an external standard, and tests for heavy metals using Inductively Coupled Plasma Analysis (ICP). The extra processing necessary to manufacture Bio-Enhanced®, stabilized products removes all traces of residual solvents.


RLA is unstable and readily polymerizes during manufacturing, storage and in the processing into nutritional supplements. Few companies have experience with R-Lipoic Acid and are unaware of the problems associated with its encapsulation and stability. The heat of friction and exposure to air during normal blending and encapsulation processes are sufficient to initiate polymerization. The majority of commercially available dosage forms have high concentrations of insoluble polymeric R-Lipoic Acid, which reduces the disintegration and dissolution. GeroNova has found several ways to inhibit polymerization and stabilize the material for use as a nutritional supplement, providing easy to handle, heat stable, non-polymeric products that are free of residual solvents. Bio-Enhanced® R-Lipoic Acid products are more stable than R-Lipoic Acid even at elevated temperatures and require no refrigeration.


According to dissolution and bio-availability studies utilizing HPLC analysis of the plasma, the GI absorption of commercially available R-Lipoic Acid powdered capsules and tablets is less than 10%, due to polymerization during manufacturing, storage, and becomes more extensive in the low pH environment of the stomach. GeroNova products have improved stability, slower, sustained absorption, higher bio-availability and greater efficacy.