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Our unique processes, exclusive raw materials and commitment to quality have helped set the standard for excellence for R-lipoic acid related products within the nutraceutical industry. Because we are involved in every stage of production, our raw materials are of unmatched quality.


Years ago, our frustration motivated us to begin researching and developing raw materials that would meet our own exacting standards. As our research and development continued, many companies recognized our efforts. Interest in purchasing GeroNova’s raw materials grew from initially a few grams, to metric tons. As a result, we offer our lipoic acid products to other companies who share our discriminating standards and desire for excellent customer service.


Our state-of-the-art, stable and highly bio-available R-lipoic acid products ensure that the beneficial compounds in these ingredients are protected from degradation and reach the end user in the same state they left us.

R-Lipoic Acid Products

GeroNova Research manufactures, markets and supplies R-lipoic acid products with a focus on educating industry, professionals and consumers on the functional and metabolic heath benefits of R-lipoic acid.

R-lipoic acid products supplied by GeroNova are the result of years of research process chemistry and formulation technologies. Our current research is exploring the role that R-lipoic acid plays in cellular metabolism and mitochondrial functions.

Bulk Products

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