I just started taking the R-PLUS – it is amazing. I have multiple disc herniations in my cervical spine and take several excellent herbal anti-inflammatories that keep it under control without screwing up my GI tract or kidneys. I started taking 2 of the R-PLUS yesterday and the difference in pain/inflammation was unbelievable. I did not realize the pain I was living with until I felt the difference. The R-PLUS must have really tamped down on the production of the inflammatory cytokines because I really feel the difference. Also noticed the hypoglycemic effect right away. Got a bit dizzy until I ate then felt phenomenal. First time I have felt ANYTHING from a lipoic acid product, and I have taken many in fairly high doses. I am telling everyone I know about so I am sure you will get some calls.

Greg Maurer
Wilmington, DE

I have been a chemically sensitive person for more than 25 years, after being sprayed with Paraquat and 245T while on a field trip in New Guinea. My physical response to daily Xenobiotic contamination was very debilitating and although I have managed to continue working, most days were extremely difficult and I experienced the chronic fatigue symptoms common with chemical sensitivity. This condition destroyed my opportunity to lead a normal life and I mostly had to be in bed very early in the evening.

After a huge amount of research, cost and trial and error I have managed to repair my body so that I no longer experience the effects of inhaled chemicals. However, I continued to experience residual fatigue but no where near what had become “normal” to me.

Two weeks ago I started taking R-PLUS at midday. I have been very careful about what I take because my body has become hyper sensitive to so many things.

I am profoundly delighted to tell you I no longer have any fatigue and I feel just so great. All of my energy has returned and I am back into life. After 25 years I now know what it feels like to be well. It is awesome. I have experienced no side effects from taking R-PLUS.

Yesterday I visited my medical practitioner to leave information on GeroNova’s R Lipoic, and they could not believe how well I now look.

Thank you for bring such a great product to market.

Robin Day
Auckland New Zealand

I am quite impressed with your R-PLUS product. It surpasses other lipoic acid products I have used personally and in my clinical practice with my patient population. Personally, I have experienced greater mental clarity and acuity along with increased sustained energy throughout the day from the onset of taking your R-Lipoic acid. This is quite impressive since I have not experienced such a dramatic and measurable response from other lipoic acid products I have used in the past.

More specifically I have noted a reduction in my total cholesterol lipids (from 185 to 158), a decrease in LDL (from 113 to 87) and triglycerida levels (from 90 to 74). My C-reative protein level has been reduced to below 0.1, fasting insulin to 4.9, fasting glucose to 85 and Hemoglobin A1 C to 5.6. No additional interventions were administered during this time.

I am most interested in observing the response from my patients taking your product. I will keep you posted as to other results observed over the course of time. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Audrey Mickel
Greenbrae, CA

I am a physician with an interest in anti-aging medicine. I recently purchased your R-PLUS product. I formerly used and recommended another product on the market. However, it is clear that your product is probably the single best anti-aging oral supplement on the market. Best wishes for ongoing successes for your company and product line. Thank you.

Pierre Rioux, M.D.

This is a 54 year old morbidly obese female with diabetes mellitus. Her blood sugar levels were not controlled with maximum doses of glyburide (10 mg bid) amd metformin (1,000 mg bid). The addition of rosiglitazone “Avandia” at maximum dose (4mg bid) finally brought her glycohemoglobin A1C down to 6.5. However, after several months on rosiglitazone, she gained 30 lbs, with peri-tibial edema, and I had to lower her dose of that medication. I was almost certain her blood sugar would rise and I would have to recommend Insulin. However, by adding R-PLUS (2 capsules bid) we have seen her A1C level remain steady at 6.5, even though we have now tapered her rosiglitazone down to zero! There has been no other change in her diet or medications or other supplements. It appears that the R-PLUS was able to improve her sugar metabolism and replace the benefit of the Avandia, without the very negative side effect of dramatic weight gain.

Dr. Elson Haas
Preventive Medical Center of Marin

I have been taking your Na Rala daily for around 6 months now and I feel fantastic and really have never felt better! I love
it. It took just a few days once beginning taking it to start to feel the effects of more energy all day, a fantastic mood, great mental clarity with an awesome outlook on life! It is amazing and I just want to say a really big thank you to everybody that is part of bringing this fantastic product to the market.

Jared Watkins, New Zealand

GeroNova’s R-Lipoic Acid (as K-RALA-10 liquid R-lipoic) has been an integral part of our weight management program for the past 7 years.
It is our #1 “carbohydrate buster” that helps combat harmful high fructose in the diet. We have found that it can decrease the blood sugar, lower the circulating insulin & results in less fat accumulation in the body’s fat storage areas.
This has been our formula for success!

Joseph A Varallo, MD, FACOG
P&G Diet & Weight Loss Program