Anthony Smith Ph.D.

Anthony’s work is having a significant impact in the research community by helping to elucidate the role of R-lipoic acid in maintaining human health and reducing the loss of function associated with age-related disease. Anthony is a leading international authority on aging, lipoic acid and vascular disease. Anthony earned his Ph.D. and did his post-doctoral work at the Linus Pauling Institute studying the molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular aging and the therapeutic potential of R-lipoic acid. Anthony is a private contractor, consultant and technical advisor to the nutraceutical industry. He oversees the GeroNova quality control and assurance (QC/QA) programs and has trained the GeroNova lab technicians in QA/QC methods and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Dr. Smith is a member of Sigma Xi, the Biochemical Society and the American Heart Association.

Publications & Writings in Process:

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